Grades 5-8: Math, ELA, Writing, Executive Functioning, Standardized Test Prep

Grades 9-12: Math, Science, English, Writing/Grammar, Psychology, Leadership/Executive Functioning, Standardized Test Prep


Restorative, Nidra

Executive Coaching

Alignment driven, purpose-oriented, servant leadership, fully embracing sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About Liz

I’ve been working with kids, in various ways, since I was in 7th grade.  Allowing them to blossom and build the skills they’ll use as adults is a joy for me.  I tutor middle school and high school students virtually and in-person across the country.

I’ve experienced yoga’s physical and spiritual capacity to heal and credit it, to a great extent, for my own recovery from severe concussions.  It’s a gift for me to share the practice with others. I’ve worked privately with yogis from those who have extensive practices of their own and to those who’ve never touched a mat before.

As an executive coach, I’m honored to guide executives and directors at any point along their journey, from stepping into the role through succession. It’s a privilege to provide clarity and to pass along any wisdom I gained during my time as a president and from other leadership roles.

All of my teaching draws from my life experience:

  • non-profit leadership (former president and director, current Delegate)
  • leadership development consulting
  • life coaching
  • Yale, Class of 2007 (Psychology, Emotional Intelligence); prep school (Phoenix Country Day School, all AP track)
  • YTT 200 Yandara Yoga Institute
  • over a decade of recovery from severe injury (concussions)
  • 16 years of competitive sports (Division I springboard and tower diving, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse)

Liz Foglesong is currently Boulder-based and very happy to be so close to the Rocky Mountains, a plethora of natural foods, and a holistic culture again.




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