Grades 5-8: Math, ELA, Writing, Executive Functioning

Grades 9-12: English, Writing/Grammar, Psychology, Leadership/Executive Functioning

College: Editing/Writing, Soft Sciences, Leadership/Executive Functioning


Restorative, Nidra, Hatha

About Liz

After over a decade of non-profit and corporate work, I'm delighted to be working in a space that feels so natural to me.  I've been working with kids, in various ways, since 7th grade.  Allowing them to blossom and build the skills they'll use as adults is a joy for me.  I've experienced yoga's physical and spiritual capacity to heal and credit it, to a great extend, for my own recovery from severe concussions.  It's a gift for me to share the practice with others.

All of my teaching draws from my life experience:

  • 16 years of competitive sports (Division I springboard and tower diving, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse)
  • over a decade of recovery from severe injury (concussions)
  • prep school (Phoenix Country Day School, all AP track); Yale, Class of 2007 (Psychology, Emotional Intelligence)
  • non-profit leadership
  • leadership development consulting
  • life coaching