Emotional Intelligence

free christian dating sites without payment Peter Salovey, father of Emotional Intelligence (EI), was Dean of Yale while Liz was there taking classes and writing her senior thesis on the topic.

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http://amazingmarbella.com/?menstryaciy=site-de-rencontres-philippines&320=fa In a nutshell, Salovey and John Mayer’s theory of EI:

  • Perceiving emotions focuses on our awareness of emotional expressions in both body language and tone in ourselves and in others. It also includes our ability to label these expressions accurately.
  • Using emotions centers on knowing how to elicit emotions within ourselves and others that allow for optimal performance of any given task.
  • Understanding emotions requires our ability to accurately perceive and label emotions in combination as well as our ability to understand how emotions build and transition.
  • Managing emotions allows for a constructive flow of emotions within ourselves, between us and our loved ones, and between us and our coworkers.
  • Sensitivity to Cultural Differences allows us to express and communicate emotions in ways that fit into the culture we’re experiencing and participating in at any given moment. (**new branch, still being developed)

rencontres par affinites sportives Salovey’s lecture “Emotional Intelligence: Is There Anything to It?” goes further in depth.