Workshops and Seminars

These workshops and seminars are meant to allow participants to reflect on solid leadership fundamentals and upon what they’re doing well and where they can grow.  Workshops and seminars can be tailored to C-suite, mid-level, or future leaders.

One-Day Group Workshop (10-20 participants)

Individual Follow-Up Sessions of 30 minutes per participant, or a 50-90 minute Team Follow-Up Session (as appropriate to the level of participants and the size of the team and the purpose of the experience)

General Structure:

  • What is Leadership?
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Qualities of a Leader
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Structures of an Organization (hierarchy vs flat)
  • High Performance Strategies
  • Conflict Management
  • Accountability and Trust

Workshops can be tailored to include any or all of the following, depending upon the immediate needs of your organization:

  • Creating a Culture of Dialogue and Listening
  • Communication Methods
  • Storytelling
  • Mentoring
  • Leading through Tension
  • Leading Start-Ups Vs. Mature Organizations (or Projects)
  • Corporate Consciousness
  • Millennials
  • Self-awareness and Cultural awareness (diversity)
  • Performance and Taking Care of Oneself as a Leader

Seminars can be focused on any of the above topics.  They’re generally two hours and are tailored appropriately.