Grades 5-8: Math, Science, ELA, Writing, Executive Functioning, Standardized Test Prep

Grades 9-12: Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Writing/Grammar, Psychology, Leadership/Executive Functioning, Standardized Test Prep


Restorative, Nidra

Founders Coaching (Start Ups)

Coaching enabling founders to grow in their leadership positions as their companies grow, as founders’ vision and understanding of their companies is unparalleled and priceless to the organization. Alignment driven, purpose-oriented, servant leadership, fully embracing sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About Liz

I’ve been working with kids, in various ways, since I was in 7th grade.  Allowing them to blossom and build the skills they’ll use as adults is a joy for me.  I tutor middle school and high school students virtually and in-person across the country.

I’ve experienced yoga’s physical and spiritual capacity to heal and credit it, to a great extent, for my own recovery from severe concussions.  It’s a gift for me to share the practice with others. I’ve worked privately with yogis from those who have extensive practices of their own and to those who’ve never touched a mat before.

As an founders coach, I’m honored to guide founders, executives, and directors at any point along their journey, from stepping into the role through succession. It’s a privilege to provide clarity and to pass along any wisdom I gained during my time as a president/leader of a movement and from other leadership roles.

All of my teaching draws from my life experience:

  • non-profit leadership (former president and director, current Delegate)
  • leadership development consulting
  • life coaching
  • Yale, Class of 2007 (Psychology, Emotional Intelligence); prep school (Phoenix Country Day School, all AP track)
  • YTT 200 Yandara Yoga Institute
  • over a decade of recovery from severe injury (concussions)
  • 16 years of competitive sports (Division I springboard and tower diving, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse)

Liz Foglesong is currently Boulder-based and very happy to be so close to the Rocky Mountains, a plethora of natural foods, and a holistic culture again.


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